Review: Classroom Management for Catechists

There are several great advantages to joining the Catholic Writers Guild, attending their live conference, and as a result, attending the Catholic Marketing Network Trade Show. One is the free books sent home with attendees…


…just for the price of a review.

Another advantage? Getting to meet the authors of those books, one of whom is the very kind, down-to-earth Jennifer Fitz, author of the newly released Classroom Management for Catechists.

Classroom Management for Catechists

If you are facing down another year of volunteering with your parish religious education program, and you’re shaking in your boots, you know what you need? You need this book. I’ve been working in religious ed and youth ministry off and on since 1995. I wish I’d had Classroom Management for Catechists when I’d started. It would have saved me a lot of time and heartache, trying to balance all that it takes to have an effective classroom where the love of Christ is shared in an engaging but disciplined way. If you’re just starting out, I especially recommend this handy little book to you. If you’re a DRE, order in bulk and give a copy to your catechists and volunteers. Classroom Management is a sweet, quick read that will not waste a second of your time. It’s full of practical tips delivered with warmth, humor, humility, and encouragement from a catechist who learned the hard way and is trying to spare you all that drama. Thank you, Jennifer Fitz!



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