Frightening Yourself on a Road Trip: A How-To

I snagged a copy of Stealing Jenny by Ellen Gable just before leaving on a road trip… that ended with our family staying in a cabin in the woods for two days.  What’s the premise of Stealing Jenny?  I don’t think I’m giving too much away, but think Catholic Misery (not Catholic guilt, silly–different animal all together):  a twisted soul kidnaps someone to, you guessed it, a cabin in the woods.  My fertile imagination was glad that I had my family around me the whole time.  There were mice in said cabin, but no kidnappers.  Phew.

My review?  I hate the use the cliche “fast-paced page-turner,” but it fits.  The characters were believable.  That is a huge compliment to a writer when bringing us characters who do things like–gasp!–practice NFP and chastity (sorry, folks, but no matter the morality I have espoused for myself, I am still a child of my culture, and if you’re going to write a character who lives a counter-cultural life, that character had better be three-dimensional).  The suspense was well-developed and well-handled.  There were a few characters I would have liked to see more fully-drawn, but all in all, Stealing Jenny was well worth the read.

If, however, you are planning on a trip to the woods and are easily frightened, save the read for when you’re back and safe at home.


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